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Novelties Price List*

The prices listes are for metal work only - finished in Brass. Other metals can be used, such as Copper or Silver. Please call for quote for use of other metals. If taxidermy is needed (as in for foot items), please call for quote on those items.

Elephant Tusks
Tusks will be lightly sanded. Any tusk in need of repair will require estimate before final pricing.
With Brass Bases $450 ea.
Capped $260 ea.
Capped to hang on wall with chain $450 ea.

Small Game Feet
Bookends $75 pr.
Pencil Cups $85 ea.
Ashtrays $85 ea.

Hippo Feet
Bookends $190 pr.
Pencil Cups $110 ea.
Ashtrays $95 ea.
Lamps $110 ea.

Hippo Tusks
Caps for panel or mantle $130 (set of 4)
Caps for panel or mantle $205 (set of 6)
Caps for panel or mantle $275 (set of 12)

Rhino Feet
Bookends $190 pr.
Pencil Cups $110 ea.
Ashtrays $95 ea.
Lamps $110 ea.

Warthog Tusks
Caps for panel or mantle $95 (set of 4)
Letter Opener $65 ea.
Corkscrews $85 ea.
Bottle Opener $85 ea.

*Prices subject to change without notice.

About Brass Taxi

After working as a taxidermist and head finisher for Jonas Bros Taxidermy Studio for 20 years, I started Brass Taxi in 1997. I went on to work for Artworks Taxidermy and later returned as a contractor for Jonas Bros.

Independently, I am committed to customer service and attention to detail that no others can match. Yes, I'm an award-winning artist. More importantly however, my reputation and experience sets me apart.

If you're looking for high quality mounts, excellent customer service and the benefit that 28 years of experience provide, you've come to the right place!

Production is Limited, Art is Limitless.

-Kent DeJaynes

Price Lists

  African/Asian Mounts*

  North American Mounts*


* Prices for pedestal mounts do not include a base system. Bases are ordered and configured per customers' criteria. Oak, Walnut, other wood or even wood and metal may be used.

* Lifesize prices do include base work. Base can be natural (no wood trim) or solid wood of your choice. Custom work is quoted per customers' request.




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